ILLUSTRATION BY MAGGIE WONG: The Vancouver Sun, August 15, 2013 October 02

Newspaper graphic 2013

GRAPHIC BY MAGGIE WONG: The Vancouver Sun, December 08,10 2012 May 21

Newspaper graphic 2012

Santa sport illustration for the Newspaper Vancouver Sun in 2011 by Maggie Wong August 09

Newspaper graphic: 2011 – 2008

Newspaper graphic 2010 Newspaper graphic 2009 Newspaper graphic 2008 personal rubber stamp design by Maggie Wong August 09


My custom stamp design project took three weeks to complete from design to production, the finished product arrived at my house August 16, 2012 just before noon. When I started the project I had the idea to restyle my logo to mimimic ink etchings, similar to the art on money-notes. The task of restyling my logo […]

a spoof of the Starbucks logo, Teddies x Starbucks Coffee August 08


graphics inspired by bears


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