Midsummer Chronophage Illustration by Maggie Wong December 31

Chronophage Illustration

I was mesmerized by it – In 2012, when I visited the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, I saw the Midsummer Chronophage which was 4.9ft in diameter and 24-carat gold-plated on its stainless steel face surface. At the top of the large golden disk was a “time eater,” the locus was also the clock’s escapement. The creature […]

The Stanley Kubrick Exhibition TIFF 2014 exclusively in Toronto, Photo by Maggie Wong December 26


Videography – These are some of my videos. In each video project, I write, interview, shoot, compose music (see credits), and edit the footage. I like being a videographer and working hands on with my projects, following it through till the end. Studio tour of Radio Toxic Vancouver, Canada’s #1 single stream bass web radio station. This video […]

2014 Newspaper cover photo, Illustration by Maggie Wong December 25

Newspaper graphic 2014

ILLUSTRATION BY MAGGIE WONG: The Vancouver Sun, August 15, 2013 October 02

Newspaper graphic 2013

GRAPHIC BY MAGGIE WONG: The Vancouver Sun, December 08,10 2012 May 21

Newspaper graphic 2012

Santa sport illustration for the Newspaper Vancouver Sun in 2011 by Maggie Wong August 09

Newspaper graphic: 2011 – 2008

Newspaper graphic 2010 Newspaper graphic 2009 Newspaper graphic 2008

wongmagg.com personal rubber stamp design by Maggie Wong August 09


My custom stamp design project took three weeks to complete from design to production, the finished product arrived at my house August 16, 2012 just before noon. The goal of my project was to restyle my wongmagg.com logo to mimimic ink etchings, similar to the art on money-notes. The task of restyling my logo took the […]

a spoof of the Starbucks logo, Teddies x Starbucks Coffee August 08


graphics inspired by bears


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